Three New Pieces

I've just uploaded three new pieces from 2012 to my soundcloud for you to check out. One thing they have in common: all use plucked strings (theorbo, pipa and guitar). First is "Slink" written for Chatham Baroque and commissioned as part of their 20th anniversary celebration. It's for a baroque trio of violin, viola da gamba and theorbo.

Second is "Trailguide" performed by Wu Man, Kojiro Umezaki, Mark Dresser and Kjell Nordeson at the Carlsbad Music Festival in September. This piece was a directed improvisation, so the lion's share of the credit goes to the fantastic players. It's for pipa, shakuhachi, bass and percussion.

Third is "Contain" written for and commissioned by Musical Chairs Ensemble. I think of this one as a mix of Nirvana Unplugged and early Elliott Smith, and the pulsing minimalism of Steve Reich and early John Adams. It's for cello, guitar, bass and drums.