Princeton Application

I have included 4 pieces in my application: "Drawn" for bluegrass string band, "Cleave" for my band Build, "On and On and" for chorus, and "Reveal" for chamber orchestra. Each has a listening suggestion if you would like to listen to an excerpt. Also, I have included a playlist of Build's music at the bottom if you want to hear more music I've composed.

Thanks for listening!



2013 Duration 24 min, in 5 movements Movement titles: Flourish, Interlude, Entwined, Repose, Ground For bluegrass string band: violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass Commissioned by Jake Schepps Quintet Premiere 12/6/2013, eTown Hall, Boulder, CO Recording from the album "Entwined" by Jake Schepps Quintet Released January 27, 2015 Fine Mighty Records

Score and program note

Listening suggestion: If you listen to one movement, I recommend "Ground." If you listen to a second, I recommend "Repose."


2010 Duration 7 min. In three movements. For violin, cello, piano, bass and drumset. Premiered by Build in 2010 at Galapagos in Brooklyn. Recorded on Place by Build in 2011. Score

Listening suggestion: This piece has a gradual build and an additive process. I recommend starting from the beginning and then skipping ahead if you like.

On and On and

2014 Duration 6 min. For SATB chorus Text by Matt McBane after John Muir Premiered by Sacra/Profana on September 20, 2014 at the Carlsbad Music Festival

Score and program note

Rough mix of studio recording.


2013 Duration: 12 min. For chamber orchestra Commissioned and premiered by wild Up, Christopher Rountree, conductor Premiere date April 17, 2013 Los Angeles Philharmonic Brooklyn Festival REDCAT at Disney Hall Los Angeles, CA


Listening suggestion: The excerpt from 3:56-7:49 gives a good feel for the piece. The excerpt from 8:38-10:18 has a big build-up. I have include both audio alone and video in case you want to watch the video. The audio is the same on both.

Additional Listening

Here is a playlist of music by my band Build that I wrote if you want to hear more. I'm playing violin on the tracks that have it.