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For Build

(violin, cello, piano, bass and drums unless otherwise noted)

Well 2017, for Build + female singer, Duration 7 min
Disjoined 2016, Duration 7 min
Stabilize 2016, Duration 7 min
Despite this Pain, it's Spring 2015, Duration 6 min
Rump 2012, Duration 5 min.
56 2010, Duration 5 min.
Maintain 2010, Duration 8 min.
Ride 2010, Duration 5 min.
Cleave 2010, Duration 7 min.
Behavior Patterns 2010, Duration 7 min.
Anchor 2009, Duration 11 min.
For violin, cello, piano, bass and percussion (vibraphone and bass drum)
Dissolve 2009, Duration 4 min.
Swelter 2007, Duration 20 min.
For cello, piano and drumset.
Drivin’ 2007, Duration 14 min.
Digging Two Ditches 2006, Duration: 6 min.
Imagining Winter 2006, Duration: 7 min.
Magnet 2005, Duration: 6 min.
In the Backyard 2005, Duration: 5 min.
No Response 2004, Duration: 6 min.

For Chamber/Solo

(violin and piano music listed separately below)

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Uphill 2018
String quartet
Premiere: Aizuri Quartet, November 27, 2018

Submerge 2018
piano/synthesizer, electric bass, percussion
Premiere: Bearthoven, May 8, 2018

Sometimes 2017
Voice, violin and electronics
Premiere: Iarla O'Leonaird and Matt McBane, Nov 30, 2017

Opposite Directions 2017, Duration 7 min
Premiere: Lisa Lonnie, Oct 7, 2017

For Hi-Hats
Percussion quartet (4 hi-hats)
Premiere: So Percussion Summer Institute, July 22, 2017

Voice and Build
Premiere: Karlie Bruce and Build, April 18, 2017

For Triangles 2016, Duration 10 min
Percussion quartet (4 triangles)
Premiere: So Percussion Summer Institute, Jul 16, 2016




Proximity 2016, Duration 5 min
Further Down 2016, Duration 7 min
Percussion quartet with analog synth
Written LA Percussion Quartet and Mobius Percussion
Premiere: Princeton Sound Kitchen, April 26, 2016


Step 2016, Duration 4 min
solo beginner cello

Infill 2015, Duration 7 min
Linear Arithmetic 2015, Duration 8 min
Cello and drumset
Written for Jeffrey Ziegler and Jason Treuting
Premiere: Princeton Sound Kitchen, Dec 15, 2015







Lift and Cycle 2014, Duration 10 min total.
For flute, harp, viola

Drawn 2013, Duration 24 min, in 5 movements
For violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass
On the album Jake Schepps Quintet "Entwined"
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Sleight 2013, Duration 9 min.
For solo bass

Slink 2012, Duration: 7 min.
For baroque violin, viola da gamba and theorbo

Contain 2012, Duration: 10 min.
For cello, guitar, bass and percussion

Handoff 2011, Duration 3 min.
For oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon and horn

Binary 2010, Duration 10 min.
For 2 percussionists: 2 drum sets, marimba and vibraphone

Anchor 2009, Duration 11 min.
For clarinet/bass clarinet (or bass), violin, cello, piano and percussion

Swelter 2007, Duration 20 min.
For cello, piano and drumset

Synthetic Night 2006, Duration 9 min.
For flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano and bass.

Ghost in the Machine 2005, Duration: 30 min. in 3 movements
For amplified, processed string quartet and live video by Lucy H.G.

2×4 2004, Duration: 25 min. in four movements
for string octet

Dust 2004, Duration: 3 min
For violin duo

Groove 2004, Duration: 5 min
For violin duo

Shift 2003, Duration: 9 min.
For Alto Sax and Viola, or Clarinet and Viola, or Bass Clarinet and Cello

It’s Alright 2002, Duration: 6 min.
for string trio

Granular Memory 2002, Duration: 5 min.
for large ensemble

Static Swell 2002, Duration: 13 min.
for percussion and cello

Turn On. Turn Off. 2001, Duration: 15 min. in 4 movements
For flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano/celesta, and percussion

Transient Textures 2000, Duration: 12 min.
For string quartet

MTA 204 2000, Duration: 5 min.
For non-pitched percussion trio

For Violin and Piano


don’t 2014, Duration 4 min.
For solo violin

Beneath 2014, Duration 5 min.
For solo violin

Sway 2013, Duration: 6 min.
For solo piano

Frost 2013, Duration 4 min
For solo violin

4 Pieces for Violin and Piano 2011
Total duration: 16 min.
1- Bounce, 2- Fleet, 3- Level, 4- Push
For violin and piano

within 2011, Duration 6 min.
For solo piano

Arpeggiator 2011, Duration 7 min.
Solo violin.

Dust 2004, Duration: 3 min
For violin duo

Groove 2004, Duration: 5 min
For violin duo

Plus Minus 2003, Duration: 6 min.
For solo piano.

Piano Decomposition 2000, Duration: 8 min.
For solo piano

Blue Haze 1999, Duration: 4 min.
For violin and piano

For Orchestra and Chorus


Overlap 2019, duration 10 min
for orchestra

On and On and 2014, Duration 7 min.
For SATB chorus

Reveal 2013, Duration: 12 min.
For chamber orchestra
Commissioned and premiered by wild Up, Christopher Rountree, conductor
Premiere date April 17, 2013
Los Angeles Philharmonic Brooklyn Festival
REDCAT at Disney Hall
Los Angeles, CA

Incline 2008, Duration: 6 min.
For string orchestra
Commissioned by the Westlake High School Orchestra
remiered 3/24/08 at Carnegie Hall.

Tarnish 2003, Duration: 9 min.
For orchestra

For Multimedia

A Wagner Matinee 2008, Evening-length dance-theatre piece in collboration with choreographer Laura Diffenderfer.
For piano, percussion and electronics.
Commissioned by the Willa Cather Society, premiered at the Red Cloud Opera House, Nebraska.

Ghost in the Machine 2005, see chamber llisting above

For Film

Wednesday 2:45 pm 2007 Remote Control Monkey Productions, Directed by Lucy H.G. and Matt Soloman.
Genre: Drama. Film score for solo vibraphone.
The Paw 2005, Utopian Productions, Directed by Ritchie Steven Filippi
Genre: Film Noir. Film score for strings, prepared piano and solo trumpet
The Waiting Room Curious Productions, Directed by Craig Hammill
Genre: Drama, Film score for electric guitar textures, clarinet, cello and synths
Two Recorded at Paramount Studios
Genre: Suspense, Film score for string orchestra and harp
Ramblin’ Recorded by the USC Thornton Symphony
Genre: Drama, Film score for full orchestra
Twilight Recorded at Paramount Studios
Genre: Mystery, Film score for mixed large ensemble
The Line Recorded at Paramount Studios
Genre: Drama, Film score for chamber orchestra
Raising Hell Recorded by the USC Thornton Wind Symphony
Genre: Horror, Film score for wind symphony
Echo and Narcicus
Genre: Drama, Film score for string quartet